ETEC-544 Final Project

Camtasia 101: Record, Edit and Share

For our group's final project, we chose to create and In-class Instructional training. We used the ADDIE Model to develop and structure our project from the Analysis Phase to the Development Phase and conducted a Beta Test. Below you will find our process for each phase, as well as examples and document links.

A - Analysis Phase

During the Analysis phase, our group identified our target audience by using a Qualtrics Survey with 7 questions to determine the prior experience and knowledge of using video editing software. Results indicated there was a mixture of skill-sets between beginners and Intermediate levels and no one had used Camtasia before. During this phase, it helps set up our path to move forward to the design phase. 

D - Design Phase

After the Analysis phase of identifying our target audience, our group moved to the design phase. We identified our delivery method of a 1-hour in-class training, 3 objectives of recording, editing and sharing using Camtasia, a content outline and a flowchart to organize the training. We also identified the constraints of our target audience to give us a better understanding of the participants and evaluate overall what was needed in the in-class training.

D - Development Phase

After the Design Phase, we as a group was able to determine what components were needed to produce an effective training package. We created a detailed facilitator's guide to identifying the topics, detailed instructions, and timing duration to structure the training. We also developed an in-class training hand out given that was given to the participants as a guideline to follow throughout the training, but to also be a reference for future videos. We also located a pre-training video from as part of our document recovery process.

Pre-Implementation/ Beta Test 

After the Analysis, Design and Development phase, our group conducted a Beta test with a small group to assess our content and determine if the training was viable. After our 1-hour training, minimal feedback from participants, all videos were successfully shared using Camtasia. 

Project Reflections:


Throughout this project, it gave me a better understanding of how useful and effective creating a structured process can be for training. I have already found some useful tips for my career (Information Technology Consultant). I am part of a committee that will be designing workshops in the near future and I believe utilizing the ADDIE Model will create an effective training. Becoming aware of the different components from Analysis to Development, implementing these principals when planning, creating and designing a workshop will help me to ensure the success of my training.

Course Reflection

ETEC 544

Throughout the Design and Development of Instructional Materials course (ETEC-544), I was introduced to the basics of Instructional Design, the Models, the Methods, and the Learning Theories. Before this course, I did not have any background knowledge of the models or methods used, but had the basic minimal knowledge of Instructional Design. After completing this course, I have a better understanding of the concepts, the importance of analysis and understanding your audience, designing and developing for effectiveness and testing to evaluate your content and delivery. I am excited to continue my education in the Instructional Technology Program to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful Instructional Designer. 

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Camtasia 101: Record, Edit Share
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