Why Use Zoom in the Classroom?

Zoom is CSUSB's solution to host and participate in online classes and to utilize while teaching a live class. Zoom is an alternative option to the traditional style lecturing, allowing faculty and students to come together without the typical classroom. 
Try Zoom in your course today!

Welcome to the Zoom Self Instructional Tutorial

By taking this self Instructional Tutorial, Faculty will be able to follow along using the sidebar navigation to the left, you will find helpful instructional guides, instructional videos, practice quizzes, and faculty testimonials to offer support and guidance when navigating through the self instructional guide. 
Begin by completing the Entry Skills Test, found here: 
Next, proceed through out each tab to review the material in the sequence noted below:
  1. Create a meeting using Zoom
  2. Host/Manage a meeting using Zoom
  3. Record/ Share a recorded meeting using Zoom

Zoom Tips

Recommended Hardware
Best Practices
Icons of the Week

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